Seeking Providence

Stories of love, family, and hope.


Book One

Amy Lawson is a single mother, fleeing in the middle of the night, from an abusive relationship. When her car breaks down in a remote small town, she finds herself at the mercy of strangers. Ben Young, the disturbing mechanic, comes to her aid. Amy soon learns that Ben is grieving the death of his wife and the loss of his daughter, who was kidnapped. As Amy gets to know Ben and learns of the mysterious circumstances of his daughter’s


Book Two

Jake Winters is a hard-working successful rancher. Who doesn't have time for a wife and family. But when a women who is bloody and bruised shows up on his doorstep having no idea who she is or how she got there, Jake's life is dramatically interrupted. When the woman becomes his house guest and it becomes apparent that she is in serious danger. Jake has to decide to what lengths he is willing to go to keep her safe.


Book Three

Robert Winters is the Sheriff of a small town where nothing exciting ever happens, until the women who should have been his mother-in-law walks into his office asking for his help to bring her daughter home from an abusive relationship. When Robert sees Jessie, the woman he almost proposed to years earlier, he has a hard time believing it s the same woman. He has a hard time fighting the old feelings.


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About Jill
About Jill
My Candle
My Candle
I light my candle and immediately recognize, because it’s broad daylight, the tiny flickering flame makes no difference. It neither provides much...